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Denodo custom policy function to get curent view name

Hi team, I am currently working on denodo custom policy, and I want to get the current view name, which function I can use. I understand if I want to get the currentusername, I can use function "context. getCurrentUserName()", how about for getting current view name? Thanks.
21-12-2021 01:15:16 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, A custom policy is a Java class with some annotations indicating which method the server must call to intercept the query before it is executed. The server creates a new instance of class each time a custom policy is executed. You can find a Custom Policy code sample at “**<Denodo_Home>/samples/vdp/customPolicies**” which could be used to limit concurrent queries. I would like to inform you that you can use the below function for getting the view name: > String viewName= context.getElementName() For more information, you could refer to the[ Developing a Custom Policy]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration guide. If you are a valid Support user, then you could raise a Support case at Denodo Support Site so that our Support Team will assist you on this. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-12-2021 01:03:30 -0500
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