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PSQL ODBC for Connecting Denodo 5.5 with Tableau 10.3

Hi Team, I need to connect Denodo 5.5 with Tableau 10.3(64bit) using ODBC DSN(64 bit). As mentioned in Denodo KB we are using Postgre SQL ODBC Driver for creating the DSN but we are facing issue while searching Schema and Denodo VDP views in Tableau. There is inconsistency in the search result. Please suggest the version of Postgre SQL ODBC Driver to be used for creating the DSN.
07-06-2017 02:08:13 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I connected to Denodo 5.5 from Tableau 10.3 using Denodo ODBC driver and I am able to see all the views from Virtual DataPort Databases. You would find the Denodo ODBC driver under **<DENODO_HOME>/tools/odbc-driver** directory. You can then create a DSN based on this driver or connect to Denodo Platform from Tableau, directly using this driver. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-06-2017 04:51:30 -0400
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