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How can I use SSO using Power BI or Python with Denodo

When setting up python scripts, or PowerBI dashboard how do I envoke SSO ? We are using SSO via Oauth on Active Directory. In Power BI : Using Denodo connector Using DSN settings : Server=<our ip>; port=<our port>; database=<our db> Tried Direct Query or Import I receive an error : ODBC: ERROR [08001] ERROR : authentication error: The username and password is incorrect.
01-11-2022 05:20:48 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, You could configure the **Single Sign On** of Power Bi with Denodo Platform only through **Kerberos** authentication as mentioned in the [Overview of single sign-on (SSO) for gateways in Power BI]( Microsoft document. For more information on Configuring SSO through Kerberos authentication with Denodo, you could refer to this [Single Sign-On]( section in Denodo Power BI Custom Connector-User Manual. Also, in general, “**The username and password is incorrect**” error occurs while passing the incorrect Virtual DataPort credentials in the DSN configuration. Hence, please make sure that user credentials are **correct**. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
01-11-2022 09:26:34 -0400
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