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What role grant allows the VQL Shell option to appear under the Query dropdown in Data Catalog?

For users with an admin role the Data Catalog application allows you to run a VQL Shell under the Query dropdown. What is the minimum role/privilege grants to allow a "regular" user to be able to see that and run a VQL Shell query?
25-09-2023 17:09:27 -0400

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Hi, To allow a normal user to execute queries in the VQL Shell in the Data Catalog, I would give the user connect, metadata, and execute privileges over the database that contains the views in question. Connect and metadata will give them privileges to see details of a given view in the Data Catalog, while the execute privilege will give them the ability to run queries (and use the VQL Shell) in the Data Catalog. For more information, please see the [Administration of Databases, Users, Roles and Their Access Rights]( module and its different sections to better understand user and role management. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-09-2023 10:56:53 -0400
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