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Why the query is not delegating completely to source when my main data source and and cache datasource , both are on Snowflake ?

Hi Team, We have setup cache DB on Snowflake, and then cached on of the view and used it in our implementation. (Cache Type being Full.) On joining this cache view with another view, which is also built entirely on Snowflake, the query is not getting completely delegated to source. Individual branches get delegated but the final join is happening at **Denodo layer**, but as both the branches use SF tables, the final join should also have happened in SF. The joining conditon is also a simple one and we don't have any analytical functions on top of it. Both the main SF DB and Cache DB are on the same region/instance. Requesting team to please help us out on the same as no information is provided in the trace on why the query is not delegating completely to source.
22-12-2022 01:52:19 -0500

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Hi, When I tried the same scenario as you mentioned where base_view1(full cached), base_view2(from source) and performed join operation, the query got delegated to the source and no operation was performed in the Denodo layer. For your scenario, I would check if the source (data source) and cache data source both belong to the same virtual database. Also, if the cache data source is the same as the source, then I would suggest you to use the **Specify an existing data source as cache** option in the **Administration> Cache** section in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. So that, Denodo could understand the source and cache belongs to the same source and that all the operation would be delegated to the source itself. If you are a valid support user, I would suggest you raise a support case in [Denodo Support site]( where an engineer could assist you further with your scenario. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
22-12-2022 08:28:08 -0500
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