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Desc role with a rolename having special character(hyphen)

Hello, When I am trying to run the describe role statement (Desc role role-name) I get an error as, Syntax error: Exception parsing query near '-' I tried executing the statement (Desc role 'role-name') but got the error as, Syntax error: Exception parsing query near ''' We have lot of roles with hyphens in their names and I need a way to describe those roles. Can you please suggest a way to get over this. Thanks, Gokul
10-06-2020 09:41:22 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I came across the same error in Virtual DataPort when I execute the Desc role query to get the description of the role name which contains the hyphen(-). In order to resolve this error, I have enclosed the role name by double quotes("") **instead** of single quotes(''). For example, I need to obtain a description for the role "role-name", then I would execute a similar query in the VQL shell, > Desc role "role-name" For more information, you could refer to the [Describing Catalog Elements]( section of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Additionally, if you have a valid support account, you can open a support ticket for any further questions about Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-06-2020 03:23:00 -0400
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