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Can not launch scheduler admin tool from terminal

Hi , I intsalled denodo scheduler on my server .. and I started scheduler server successfully but when I try to start scheduler admin tool by comand line ./ it show this message "Starting Web Container..." but it never opened or launched ..any help please?
15-03-2021 08:23:24 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The Scheduler Administration Tool is a web tool which requires a [**browser**]( to access. Once the Scheduler server and the Scheduler Administration tool are started from the command line, I would launch the Scheduler Administration Tool via browser by specifying the URL mentioned below, * ***http://<host>:<port>/webadmin/denodo-scheduler-admin/*** For example, if you have installed the web container in the default port, 9090, and you are accessing from the localhost you have to open the URL Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-03-2021 08:59:39 -0400
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