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Unable to establish connection: IO Error: The Network adapter could not establish the connection

Please note that this question refers to the Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction) - On-demand course. I have after 4 frustrating weeks of trial and error finally got the Denodo Quickstart virtual machine up and running on VirtualBox 6.0.01. I have followed the instructions regarding network adapter #2 configuration as provided and if i run command ip addr within the VM I can see that the adapter ip address is being used. The VDP is also up and running in Denodo 7.0 and i have succesfully logged in to the newly created denodo_training database and am in process of creating the first data source ds_web_orders. I have followed the instructions exactly as shown but the URL jdbc:oracle:thin:@ returns an error: Unable to establish connection: IO Error: The Network adapter could not establish the connection. I have also tried adding host name data-server in hosts file and replacing the ip address in the URL but get the same error whether using name or ip address If i try to ping data-server I also get the message Destination host unreachable. Is there some other steps required that are not listed in the documentation that i have missed? (Please note that if you work for Denodo that this online course is by far the worst ever learning experience in all my years of attending class and online courses. Any help to change that experience would be appreciated.) Thanks in advance!
29-08-2019 07:27:45 -0400

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Managed to solve this myself as follows: In the VM Host network manager add the new Host only network adapter #2 as indicated in the manual using for IPv4 and .2 .3. .254 on the DHCP server tab as shown Next in the VM settings for the Denodo Training Quickstart Virtual Machine go to the Network menu option and set Adapter 2 to the new one just created. However DISABLE ADAPTER 1 which is enabled by default. (There is no mention of this in manual) Next start up VM and login. At prompt, key in the 'ip addr' command and make a note of the IP address under section 2: ... inet brd etc (in my case) Add the above to the jdbc datasource: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ It works!
29-08-2019 11:01:47 -0400
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