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Want API as paginated

Hello, Below is the Scenario, Please suggest I have extrenal API that gives me limit of 1000 records at a time. The data that I receive contains link for next page(a half link ex:) 1. Full link is like : https:/ name, address from example 2.Half link : the link I get with response row of next_page is sometihing like /sgvu/myapi/query/{a random token like text which change evry hour}?limit=1000&offset=1000 <-- This is prespecified, both values and changes with next page(offset only changes) Now (1.) gives me first thousand records and now I expect that using a interpolation variable with with (2.) I can achieve the token in it and then I can give it with a limit and offset. Note* I have tried tupple root, Pagination indices and other 3 Pagination options but I have failed to retirve data. My table contains more that 18k data, I just want to get all those data in one go and I am unable to do that -------------- What extras I have tried: Created one data source with main table (1) and one data source for table(2) now here I have an interpolation variable( ex say fetch) that can(fetch) can refer to next_page using a join with unified view of both datasources. and executed this query but still no better results just a looped result with error on 909 second
01-10-2020 03:20:21 -0400

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Hi, You can develop a Stored Procedure or a Custom Wrapper to invoke the API and to obtain the tokens using a regex expression. It would be possible to do it with an ITPilot Wrapper as well. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-10-2020 08:30:49 -0400
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