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Remote table Vs Cache

What is the difference between remote table and cache
08-02-2022 09:01:39 -0500

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Hi, I would like to let you know the following information regarding difference between the Remote table and Cache: * Remote table can store the result of a query on a table in an **external database**. However, a Cache engine can **store the local copy** of the data retrieved from the data sources. * In the case of Cached views, Denodo has total control over the tables created in the cache database. But for the Remote table, the user has to create it manually. For Example, * If you wish to query a view whose data is being stored in both cache engine and database, then it is recommended to retrieve data from Cache engine rather than source. Because this may reduce the impact of repeated queries hitting the data sources and speed up the data retrieval process. * If you have some complex queries that you would be using frequently and you wish to save the intermediate results of this query to be used as a separate view, then it is recommended to use the Remote table. For more information, you could refer to the [Remote Tables]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-02-2022 07:43:44 -0500
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