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How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server who supports SSL?

The Denodo Server is trying to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server using JDBC. But, the MS SQL SERVER forces SSL encryption. The SSL encryption can not be turned off on the the server so turning off SSL is not an option. In that case, how to connect the Denodo server to the SQL Server? Here you have answered about connecting to the MySQL Server not Microsoft SQL Server. Thanks.
09-04-2018 14:29:19 -0400

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Hi, You could follow the same steps given in the following community link, as it will also be applicable even for the Microsoft SQL server data source. * [How to connect the Denodo Server to the SQL Server who supports SSL]( After importing the needed client certificate into the trust store of the JVM used by the Virtual DataPort Server, you could refer to the section [JDBC Sources]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide to know more information about creating the data sources in Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
11-04-2018 04:11:40 -0400
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