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External API post request

i am completely new to Denodo. I am trying to reach an external API using Denodo. I need to send a post http request to the API with json data as request body. I also need to read the response for instance if i am sending 5 requests i need to know which request is for which response since i do not have an uinque identifier to identify the appropriate response to the corresponding request. how do i achieve this? i have lot of questions but the important one is since i am trying to read the response data from vscode. Is there a way to reach the external API through denodo with out creating the base views using vscode?
28-02-2024 11:52:28 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, It's my understanding that, among other things, you are trying to create a JSON data source with Denodo with some particularities in the management of requests and responses. Typically you would follow the indications in the [JSON Sources documentation]( and look to tune the particularities of your request, and create a base view. On top of that, you could consider creating a derived view with a new [view parameter](, in regards to keeping an explicit custom request identifier. When invoking this view, you need to provide a value for the parameter (unless you have a default value), and this value will also come back in the response. Once you have this, you could consider [publishing a Web service]( in Denodo that enables this JSON data as a Web service, and then access this newly published Web service through your code in VSCode connecting to Denodo. Keep in mind that all the data sources , views and other declared artifacts in Denodo need to be created in Denodo Design Studio, or the Virtual Dataport Administration Tool. Other ways, like [creating elements from a JDBC client]( ,are potentially possible, but are not recommended. Hope this helps
Denodo Team
01-03-2024 08:41:47 -0500
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