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Commercial Usage of Denodo

Can I use Denodo Express edition in any of my ongoing projects..? What all use cases we need to buy or take up standard edition..? Please elobrate the scope of usage for Denodo Express edition.
21-04-2022 03:00:37 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo Express is derived from our enterprise-class product, the Denodo Platform, and they share the same main building blocks. It has the following components of the Denodo Platform: * Virtual DataPort Server * Scheduler Server * ITPilot To Download and Use Denodo Express, you could refer to the [Denodo Express 8.0 Quick Start Guide]( User Manual and [Restrictions of Denodo Express]( section in Denodo Platform Installation Guide. In addition, Denodo Standard 8.0 is built on the same proven high-performance Denodo data virtualization technology used in the Denodo Platform 8.0 in a lightweight package with everything needed and it is an easy-to-use unified web UI and automated cloud infrastructure setup and management to make it fast and efficient for small teams to get into production quickly. Also, Denodo Standard 8.0 offers all the features necessary to get your data integration projects into production with minimal effort and resources. For detailed information, you could refer to the [Denodo Standard 8.0 and Denodo Platform 8.0]( documents. If you would like to get a full featured trial license for Denodo, please contact our Sales Team at [ ]( or fill out the contact form at []( Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
21-04-2022 10:07:43 -0400
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