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Create Base View from query

Hello, When creating a base view from query, I am always successful when creating a base view from query when I do a straight select with condititions. However I noticed when I try to put in a query where I create temp tables it does not work. Is there a way to create a base view from query with a query that has temp tables in it? Thanks
17-07-2019 09:45:14 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, In general, temporary tables are available to the user only in that session and it gets automatically deleted once the user closes that session. Hence, you cannot create temporary table as a base view in Virtual DataPort as new session gets created when establishing a connection with the underlying data source. But, you could create a temporary table in Virtual Dataport which can be accessed only in that user session like any other external RDBMS. For more information on this, you could refer to section [Temporary Tables]( of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide.
Denodo Team
19-07-2019 01:20:22 -0400
It seems like a bad limitation. Base views allow retention of complex queries written in the 'source' SQL of the data source. In a lot of cases, these complex queries need to use temporary tables to solve performance issues, especially in cases where it's not possible or feasible to change the indexes of the data source tables. Of course temporary tables are session-limited, but the benefits are often significant and in some cases are the only ways for complex queries to be ported to Denodo. I hope the Denodo team can address this.
01-01-2024 05:35:20 -0500
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