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Connecting to SOAP service using SOAP licenceKey

Hi, We need to connect to SOAP service and the vendor of the service has shared LicenceKey with us. I can easily connect to it using SOAPUI tool. The responses recieved from SOAP via SOAPUI is what we expect. However, I'm struggling to connect to the same SOAP service using Denodo Admin Tool. Here are the steps: 1. Select New ->Data source->Web Service 2. Specify Name and WSDL ( 3. Authentication: tried all options available (with 'specify' type) by putting licenceKey into login field 4. When trying to 'create base view' the Denodo gets back with 'Could not generate wrapper metadata from given WSDL document.' error. I believe there is something wrong I do in the 4th step. Please advice. Thanks Lilit
04-07-2018 12:06:15 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I tried out the WSDL you provided in my Denodo Platform installation and it seems to work without issue. You may be getting an error due to firewall issues, are you using a proxy server? Please try checking your HTTP Proxy settings, it may be that Denodo can not access the URL for the WSDL. You can specify a proxy server in the[ Server Configuraiton > HTTP Proxy settings]( You should be able to get the appropriate proxy settings from your browser's internet settings. As regards authentication, you should not need to configure any authentication for this SOAP service. You should just need to pass the identifier and your license key as parameters on the SOAP request. You can set these by including them in the WHERE clause when querying the resulting base view from the SOAP service. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-07-2018 08:48:56 -0400
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