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Hi, Steps followed for neo4j base view. 1) created data source for neo4j by using jdbc (**adapter** : generic , **driver** neo4j 4.0 , **driver class** : org.neo4j.jdbc.Driver) 2) Created a base view from Query using below query MATCH (n:Samplenode {name: 'xyz'}) RETURN as node_name the query was saved successfuly. Later when executing the panel, i was getting the below error in both results tab and execution trace tab **Note :** **I have set the Delegate SQL sentence to 'No'** [BASE][INVALID_ROUTE] [JDBC WRAPPER][INVALID_ROUTE] Parse Error ... 'MATCH (n:Samplenode {name: 'xyz'}) RETURN as node_name': Error : could not match input
13-09-2021 09:59:19 -0400

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Hi, I am able to execute a match clause from Denodo Platform without issues. In this scenario, I would check the syntax of the query and run it directly against the underlying data source (Neo4j). If the issue persists, please consider altering the query as required using this [link]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-09-2021 17:36:46 -0400
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