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BLOB / Binary Data Save in Netezza Through Denodo

Dear Team, I am trying to save the BLOB data in Netezza through Summary Creation but it is giving an error that "Error Calculating the Capacity". This is just a simple query. SELECT CAST('blob', 'helloasdfasdfasdf') AS text_to_blob_cast ,CAST('text',CAST('blob', 'helloasdfasdfasdf')) as blob_to_text_cast     , CAST('boolean', 'true') AS text_to_boolean_cast     , CAST('boolean', 500000) AS long_to_boolean_cast     , CAST('boolean', 0) AS long_to_boolean_cast_Zero     , CAST('double', 5 + 5) AS int_to_double_cast , count(*) as Total_Count FROM Dual() Also, it is not storing the arabic data in Netezza. Once we check at the Netezza table level, it is not creating a datatype as NATIONAL VARCHAR to store UTF-8 and if we use XML with header as UTF-8, define, then it store it properly and create the correspdoning data type.
11-05-2023 02:36:19 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I’ve found a similar question about the same error. [Error calculating the capacity]( The error "Error Calculating the Capacity" occurs when some fields are not defined correctly. So I’d check if the fields are defined correctly and with the right capacity. In relation to the support of UTF-8, I’d check [the Unicode support Denodo KB article]( which describes how to configure Virtual DataPort to use Unicode characters in its elements’ names and rules that apply when Unicode support is enabled. Finally, for more information about blob fields I’d recommend checking the section [Working with Blob Fields of Base Views]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-05-2023 07:43:37 -0400
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