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Issue using EXECUTE in vql stored procedure

Hi Denodo Team, I'm using the Denodo Design Studio Version 8.0 20230301 and trying to create a VQL Stored procedure using the EXECUTE command as described in the user manual : When saving or executing the respective 'create procedure' command in a vql-shell I get the error "Error saving stored procedure: Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'EXECUTE'". This even happens if I copy the example Stored Procedure Code from the Manual Page: CREATE OR REPLACE VQL PROCEDURE procedureWithExecutionCommand (oid IN INTEGER) AS ( varName VARCHAR; ) BEGIN EXECUTE 'create or replace view v2 as select @param' PARAMETERS (param) VALUES(oid); END; Could you kindly let me know, if this is a general issue with EXECUTE-Commands in Stored Procedures or there is a Syntax-Error in the example?
02-08-2023 09:43:11 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, The exectuion of DDL commands as in the example you refer to is a new feature of the VQL Stored Procedures that is supported from the latest beta update 20230712. The official update 8 for Denodo 8.0 that contains this feature is currently scheduled to be released during September 2023, although keep in mind that the release date is not fixed and may be subject to change. In general, if not specified otherwise, the documentation always refers to the newest version, including beta updates. I hope this information helps you.
Denodo Team
03-08-2023 05:04:04 -0400
Hi, thanks for the fast reply! I didn't realize this was one of the latest features. Best regards, Layla
03-08-2023 07:12:20 -0400
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