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DB2 on AS400

Connection established to DB2 on AS400 with jt400.jar. Query execution is failing with below error [JDBC ROUTE][ERROR] Received exception with message '(PWS9801) function rejected by user exit rpogram PUSEXTPGM in DPSMLIB The class name to register used is Please letus know the cause o& solution of this error.
16-11-2019 04:42:16 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, This error is particular of the AS400 machine that hosts the DB2 instance. Basically there is an exit program that controls the execution of queries on the host. It looks like the user you have configured in Denodo to issue the queries doesn’t have enough privileges. I would review the documentation on [JDBC Sources]( to know more about the credentials passed to the data sources. What I would do to test this is to setup a connection from outside Denodo straight to the DB2 instance using the exact same parameters. If this error prompts again it is 100% sure that the problem lays within the limits of the AS400 machine. In that case I’d contact the System Administrator or DBA in charge of it. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-11-2019 18:02:44 -0500
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