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Switching from Denodo for AWS 5 data sources to unlimited sources

Hello, I would like to buy the Denodo Platform for AWS for 5 data sources. If one day I want to switch the version of unlimited resources, should I order a new AWS machine or I can change easily license somewhere ? Thanks, Emidio
03-11-2017 10:29:51 -0400

1 Answer

Hello! The AWS subscription for 5 data sources is controlled by a Denodo license key and involves switching to a different instance. In order to move from a 5 DS subscription to an unlimited subscription the process would be something like: 1. Export the configuration of the existing 5 DS instance (i.e. the VQL) 2. Stop the 5 DS instance via the AWS Console (optional) 3. Start a new unlimited Denodo subscription on AWS 4. Import the VQL from 1 Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-11-2017 13:13:58 -0400
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