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New error message when view without search methods

Hello, we recently updated to Denodo 8 20230301 and realized a new error message is present: ``` { "__errors__": [ { "code": 30125, "message": "View without search methods: The following obligatory fields cannot be removed: _3d88a72b-f972-4b0d-864b-d1afa2b81872.dealer_id" } ] } ``` Before it was only "View without search methods" Is it possible to remove the other part of the message?
03-03-2023 04:34:35 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I usually encounter this type of error message when a view I am trying to query has an obligatory parameter, and I am not passing any value. In order to resolve this, you can check your query and ensure that you’re passing a parameter value. Otherwise, I would also suggest setting a default value for your mandatory parameter to avoid the error message. You can refer to this User Manual, regarding [how to set parameter default values in a derived view]( As for the error message change, this is a new enhancement provided in the latest **20230301** update. It helps to easily debug search method errors by projecting the obligatory fields. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-03-2023 17:43:36 -0500
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