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Access not working for user who need access to one data view in a folder

After adding privileges to uncertified layer to a specific data view, the consumer access list all the items (data views, Stored procs and other components. I only want the user to access to 1 data view in a folder. For some reason no matter what I change the user can see everything in the folder Any suggestion to troubleshoot uncertified Folders DataSource folder ptdemoData Sources 9996 - Cache folder UDPS folder Cardiology data view =** dv_ptdata** data view = dv_billing User only need access to dv_ptdata but display show all the folders. Please help me understand how to troubleshoot this issue
27-07-2020 18:11:48 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I tried restricting the user’s access to the views in Virtual DataPort and it worked fine for me. For that I have performed the below steps, 1. Login to Virtual DataPort as admin user and navigate to** Administration > [User Management](** 1. Create a user as “new_user” in Virtual DataPort and click on the **Assign Privileges**. 1. In Assign Privileges, provide the **Connect** privilege over the database and click on **edit** under Advanced privileges. 1. In Advanced privileges, it will list all the views available in the Virtual DataPort and then give necessary privileges(i.e., Metadata, Execute, etc), over the specific views. For example,dv_ptdata. For more information, you could refer to the following section, * [User and Access Right in Virtual DataPort]( * [Modifying the Privileges of a User]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-07-2020 04:43:45 -0400
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