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Denodo With Sharepoint list ==> missing result (sometimes nones)

The administrators of our denodo have configured a connector between denodo and our enterprise sharepoint. Problem, many data do not arrive when we make a request. After examinations, I discovered that the problem comes from the fact that our sharepoint is in French and that there is a glitch with the connectors. it generates calls of type .../_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Locals?$select=Id,IDDuTypeDeContenu,TypeDeContenu,Title,Modifi%C3%A9,Cr%C3%A9%C3%A9,Cr%C3%A9%C3%A9ParId,Modifi %C3%A9ParId,Owshiddenversion,Version,PathDAcc%C3%A8s,IDDeRessourceDeConformit%C3%A9,Local,Capacity%C3%A9Description,%C3%89devices,ContactDescription,B%C3%A2timent Returns <error xmlns=""> <code/> <message xml:lang="fr-BE">Type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.DataService.LocauxItem' does not have a property named 'Id'.</message> </error> And if in the call I remove all the fields with a name in French (we often recognize them with accents but it also blocks with translated fields but without accents) So in summary, the problem is that when I click on "Create Base View", it generates a view that makes a call with column names in French. But afterwards, when the query runs, the service responds that it does not recognize these column names. (He wants them in English) At Denodo we will say that it is badly configured at sharepoint, At sharepoint, we will say that it is the view generator that does not work at denodo. And in the end it's me who can't use Denodo :( Does anyone encounter the same problem? found a solution? (I know that my Denodo admins opened a ticket at denodo... but since I've been stuck with this problem since September 2022, I'm also looking on my side)
19-02-2023 05:09:16 -0500

1 Answer

Solved. Finally, it was just a problem with access in sharepoint. I'm not the sharepoint admin, so I don't know how it really solved.
01-03-2023 16:09:28 -0500
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