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DB and SCHEMA - default versus usage

i have the JDBC connection set and the Database URI includes a default DB, SCHEMA and WAREHOUSE. when selecting CREATE BASE VIEW, i see other schemas. If i select a table from a schema or db other then the values provided in the JDBC connection string, i get an error: <object name> [JDBC WRAPPER] [ERROR] <object name>#0 [JDBC ROUTE] [ERROR] Received exception with message 'No active warehouse selected in the current session. Select an active warehouse with the 'use warehouse' command.' Based on this error, I have two questions: 1) Even though I can see all schemas and objects via this connection, am I limited to only creating objects within that db/schema? 2) Can i change the db/schema dynamically or does each db/schema combination require a seperate JDBC connection for Snowflake?
28-08-2019 15:17:42 -0400

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Hi, The error ‘No active warehouse selected in the current session. Select an active warehouse with the ‘use warehouse’ command.’ is thrown when a Snowflake object is imported with incorrect settings for ‘warehouse’ parameter in the JDBC URI. I was able to reproduce the error, when executing the objects with incorrect name for ‘warehouse’ in the JDBC URI. I also observed that this behaviour is happening only for new objects. Objects which were earlier imported into Virtual DataPort server from Snowflake still works good with the JDBC driver having incorrect warehouse name. So, I would reach out to Snowflake community group to understand this driver behaviour. To answer your questions: Schema limitation - Virtual DataPort allow creating base views from different schema/database of the same Data Source as long as the Snowflake user credentials used to connect is having necessary access at Snowflake level for the respective schemas/db objects. JDBC connections - Virtual DataPort user need not create separate JDBC data sources as long as necessary access exists at Snowflake level. The Knowledge Base article [How to connect to Snowflake from Denodo]( and video [Denodo and Snowflake (Cloud Data Warehouse)]( explains in detail about Snowflake-Denodo connectivity. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-08-2019 08:28:52 -0400
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