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How does "Case sensitivity in comparison of literal strings" work in Denodo? I am getting the same results for Uppercase and lowercase strings.

I am implementing a search module on Denodo REST API. When the users perform a search, they are likely to use lower case for all their search terms. However, if it is case-sensitive, if the search information was spelled with an uppercase in our system, it would not result in a match (API will not return the result). Property Name: com.denodo.vdb.catalog.type.Value.caseSensitiveCompare The default value for this property is true. I am still getting ALL results for fieldName = xyz OR XYZ or XyZ I have modfied the property with the FALSE value but I am still getting ALL results for fieldName = xyz OR XYZ or XyZ Denodo REST API URLs: http://Servername:port/server/database/rest_api_name/views/derived_view_name?fieldName=xyz http://Servername:port/server/database/rest_api_name/views/derived_view_name?fieldName=XYZ http://Servername:port/server/database/rest_api_name/views/derived_view_name?fieldName=XyZ
04-09-2018 16:18:33 -0400

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Hi, My first thought is that, since you are searching on field name, you need the *metadata* in the database to be case (in)sensitive. This is achieved by going to the virtual database via Database Management in denodo, and setting the Identifiers charset setting to Unicode for case sensitive, or restricted which is the default, for case insensitive. Make this change, and it should allow the catalog to make case sensitive queries to the database’s metadata, eg field name. But, this doesn’t handle the literal string comparisons, that is handled by the property you mentioned, and determines whether “ABC” = “abc” -> true. Again, not the metadata like fieldname. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-09-2018 10:48:12 -0400
Hi Denodo Team - what if we want to make case-insensitive search enabled while literal string comparisons also(in Denodo 7 or above) ? Let's say, in the above question, I want all the 3 URLs to return the same records, irrespective of the case of the value in the data source (let's assume I have a record with value "xyz" in the underlying datasource).
04-01-2021 08:59:13 -0500
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