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Denodo , Stored Procedures, & Insert Updates

Have a questions, Why we need store procedures and insert update operations in Data Virtualization tool.
14-03-2018 08:25:09 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If you want your client application to utilize the information through stored procedure then, you could create views by importing or developing a new stored procedure in Virtual Dataport and then expose it to client application. Virtual DataPort uses a VQL language which extends the similar behaviour of SQL. The insert/update is an additional functionality available in Virtual DataPort which you could utilize for inserting/updating statements to modify the data stored in the underlying data source. For more information, you could refer the [Inserts, Updates and Deletes Over Views](, and Knowledge Base Article [Executing VQL statements from a stored procedure]( and [Use of Stored Procedures]( Hope this helps!!!
Denodo Team
15-03-2018 09:15:24 -0400
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