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Scheduler backup jobs of script

Is it possible to set up a job in the Denodo scheduler tool to run the script in order to perform routine backup's of the metadata? I saw other questions similar to this, but nothing that distinctfully says 'Yes' or 'No'. I cannot find anything in the scheduler tool to point to the export scripts located in the denodo platform installation.
28-12-2017 14:05:09 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, Since your intent is to create regular backups, instead of attempting to call the script, you can create a Scheduler Job using the VQL command [DESC VQL DATABASE]( and use an Exporter to name and store the resulting VQL in a file. Alternately, there is an open source *Denodo SSH Custom Wrapper* available on the [Denodo Connects]( portion of the *Support Site* that you can download if you have a valid Support contract. This wrapper uses SSH to execute system commands as a Data Source, allowing you to create Jobs in Scheduler against a view for that source. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-12-2017 17:26:19 -0500
Thank you!! I took the second route using an SSH connection and this worked perfectly.
04-01-2018 14:35:11 -0500
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