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Automation testing for Denodo deployments

Hi Team, We are looking for some automation tesing for regression testing after migrating from Denodo 7.0 to Denodo 8.0. Also after code deployments from one environment to another. Which tool is the best to suffice the purpose? Thanks, Manju

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Hi, In order to automate the testing or perform regression testing, I would use the **Denodo Testing Tool**. If you are a valid Support user, then you can download the Denodo Testing Tool for Denodo Platform 8.0 from the[ Support Site]( under Downloads > DenodoConnects > Denodo 8.0 > Denodo Testing Tool and follow the steps provided in the [Denodo Testing Tool ]( User Manual. Additionally, you can refer to this similar[ Community Question]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-02-2021 06:53:34 -0500
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