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Getting the Source Tables and columns for non-JDBC datasources

Hi Denodo Team, For the views created from JDBC datasource in denodo I am able to get the source tables by using the default procedure GET_SOURCE_TABLES(). But when I use the same procedure to get the underlying source table information for the datasources like DF(ex: csv) or SAPBWBAPI, Denodo is throwing error. So I want to know is there any other function or procedure to get the source tables and columns for the above mentioned datasource types in denodo. If there are no predefined function/procedure please let me know how to query them. I am even curious to know how and where denodo is persisting the metadata of datasources in denodo. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks, Kranthi kiran.

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Hi, If you want to use GET_SOURCE_TABLE, the base view has to be a JDBC base view, which I found the description in the link below . [GET_SOURCE_TABLE]( I went through the user manual and figured that those data-source-related stored procedures are only for JDBC sources. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-06-2021 09:36:53 -0400
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