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No search methods ready to be run

Hi, I created base view. On top of that created selection/derive view and there I created parameter. That parameter I used in join codnition with respective field. But when I am running that selection view by passing parameter below error is coming; "Finished with error: No search methods ready to be run. The following fields are obligatory". Not sure how to pass the parameter at run time? Note: I didnt pass any default value in parameter. Thanks.
17-10-2017 13:28:33 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, When I create a view parameter in a derived view then I use that view parameter adding a condition in the where condition section of the derived view. This way, when the derived view is queried by passing a value to the corresponding view parameter (through the WHERE clause), you get the right values after being filtered by the corresponding value passed. It is not needed to create a join view and use the view parameter in the join condition. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-10-2017 07:46:54 -0400
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