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feeding the output of REST service to oracle sql query and aggregate the results

Donedo platform 7 i have downloaded this trail version for POC, had one question about data aggregation as part of requirement. we need to call REST service which returns some data and that data needs to be fed to another Oracle sql query and get that data and combile both of the responses and expose that view to our clients. I am able to call REST service and get those results but feeding those to sql query could not find any pointers though. Could you please help? Thanks, Devendra.
19-10-2018 05:04:34 -0400

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Hi, In this situation, I would do the following: * Create the data sources to connect to the REST service and the Oracle Database. * Create a base view for each of them. * Create a derived JOIN view on top of both the base views. You would be able to get the final view that you wish to expose to the clients this way. You can refer to [Creating Data Sources and Base Views]( and [Creating Derived Views]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-10-2018 05:18:45 -0400
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