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how can we ensure in a join /subquery a query passed to underlying source first then another one in a same session

HI , usually when we perform a join in two base views or use a subquery in denodo. it creates two different parallel connection to get data from underlying source. can we ensure that both of queries on join run in same session and one after another. because with first query we want to set the context of denodo user in oracle through a function and by second join query we would like to use this context info to extract data.
03-01-2020 04:08:27 -0500

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Hi, In order to configure the way that the VDP server manages connections to the underlying data source I would use the Connections Pool Configuration. In the case of [JDBC Sources]( you can read the paragraph about Connections Pool Configuration to learn more about this. However, be aware that this will deeply affect the performance of the queries using that datasource. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-01-2020 17:40:44 -0500
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