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Denodo connecto to Amazon Athena, create base view is ok, but cant send query

Hi team, I have a customer who wants to query amazon Athena tables. Customer can create connections & can create base views, but when they run a query "select * from athena.table limit 10", they query never respond. Checking to the query plan (at runtime) it seem Denodo do not send the query to athena. Any Thought?
12-06-2023 10:24:36 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, In this case I would review if cache has been configured for the view since it is possible that query tries to fetch data from cache and not get to the source, so check if cache is configured and preload the cache table. The general recommendation is to have Southbound(Data Sources) connection closer to Denodo Platform to avoid high network latency. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
15-06-2023 00:11:22 -0400
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