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how to start web studio with cli

I installed denodo on a remote linux server through the CLI, and I can't use the linux desktop. How should I start the script to access the development through web http?
09-01-2023 01:23:23 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In general, script files are located in the '<DENODO_HOME>/bin folder'.For your scenario, follow the steps below to launch Web Design Studio through the script: * Start the terminal with the **"<DENODO_HOME>/bin"** folder location. * Executing the **"./"*** command to start Virtual DataPort Server. * After that, execute the **"./"** from the terminal. * Open the supported browser and enter the URL to launch the Web Design Studio ``` http://<host>:<port>/denodo-design-studio. ``` Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-01-2023 02:58:30 -0500
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