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Avoid deleting the cached data at the time of deployment to upper environments

We have some views created in the local environment and when we deploy it the upper environment, we cache the views. So, every time we do a deployment we turn the cache back on all the views. This is making the tables which are cached previously in the sql server getting deleted and turning back the cache on will just create the tables in the sql server. Is there any way that I can do a deploymnet without making the cache getting deleted and can use the cached data after the deployment is done. Thanks and regards.
04-08-2017 13:13:14 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I have checked that you can set the cache to on in your local environment to allow the views to have the cache configuration enabled when you deploy them in upper environments. By doing that, when you export your views the cache will be enabled and this configuration will be used when importing the VQL file with the views. But, keep in mind that when you do changes on a view the cache data is invalidated. A fresh cache is always recommended to avoid issues while running the views in the new environment. In your case, you can launch a query to fill again the cache when you perform any changes in the view. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-08-2017 09:09:02 -0400
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