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Automated deployment - Code promotion using TFS2015

We would like to auto-deploy our Denodo code between different enviornments using TFS2015. Has anyone done the following for deployment using TFS 2015 1) Downloading the latest database artifacts fron TFS 2) Creating the export script 3) Importing the script on the target Denodo environment Are there any powershell scripts available for the same? How is VCs branching done using TFS2015?
08-03-2017 09:15:31 -0500

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Good question! I would like to know the same for SVN too.
08-03-2017 16:33:10 -0500
Hi, Yes it is possible to download the latest database artifacts of TFS. To be able to do it you can follow the next steps: Once you have configured your virtual database you can execute a VCSUPDATE command in the VQL Shell using the following syntax: ``` VCSUPDATE [ DBELEMENTS ] <element path:literal> [FORCE ][ REVISION <revision:literal> ] [ WITH DROPS ]VCSUPDATE [ NOCONFLICTS ] [ DBELEMENTS ] <element path:literal> [ FORCE ][ REVISION <revision:literal> ] ``` For example: ``` VCSUPDATE NOCONFLICTS DBELEMENTS ‘/database/<database_name>/’ FORCE REVISION <revision_no> ``` To create the export script you could do something like this: ``` export -l <login> -p <password> -h <host>:<port>/database -f denodoexport.vql -pf -property includeProperties ``` To create the import script you could use the following syntax : ``` import -su -f export.vql -h server1/db1?user1@pwd -h “server2:9999/db2?user2@pwd&queryTimeout=999999” ``` Please refer Virtual DataPort Administration Guide under the following sections: * Version Control Systems Integrations. * VCS Operations for Microsoft TFS and Subversion. * USING THE IMPORT/EXPORT SCRIPTS FOR BACKUP AND/OR REPLICATION. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
21-03-2017 10:41:00 -0400
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