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Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express?

Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express? What license should I be using? I installed Denodo Express on my machine and applied license available on Express page, but ITPilot is coming up as disabled on Denodo Client. Also I tried running itpadmintool_startup brom <DENODO_DIR>/bin directory which gave back "License validation error. Unsupported License" error.
04-01-2018 14:56:02 -0500

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Hi, ITPilot is only available as a feature of the full Denodo Platform. While Denodo Express does provide much of the same functionality, there are some [Limitations of the Denodo Express License]( you should familiarize yourself with when using it to try out the platform. If you would like to get a full featured trial license for Denodo, which would allow you to try out ITPilot, please contact or fill out the contact form at Hope this helps! Thanks for your interest!
Denodo Team
04-01-2018 16:14:08 -0500
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