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Error connecting to Hive on Server from my local Denodo

I am trying to connect to hive 1.2 which sits on a remote server. I am trying to connect from my local laptop. I am getting an error as : "``` Unable to establish connection: Could not establish connection to <<server uri>> : refused: connect ```. ![](
01-03-2017 06:27:32 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I think the exception thrown must be due to one of the following reasons: * Incorrect “IP address or Hostname & Port” you are trying to connect to. * Firewall which is blocking the connection. * IP address of the server must be down. * LAN or Network connection error. I recommend you to check on the above four possible reasons and then try connecting to Hive DB server from VDP Admin tool. If you are still not able to connect, then check if you are able to connect to Hive DB server using third party data visualizer tools like Spark SQL. If you are connected successfully, then you should be connected from VDP admin tool as well. You can take a look at the following tutorial about how to connect to Hive Data Sources Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
02-03-2017 07:16:04 -0500
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