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What is the purpose of different data sources in Scheduler?

Hi, Currently, I am trying to understand scheduler, when I am looking into the architechture, there is an option to add different data sources that we can define in Scheduler alone. Why do we have that? We have the option to add data source already in VDP, we can't add those sources in VDP and use that direclty here? Also the JDBC data source option doesn't have all the driver/connection options that VDP has. I am using Denodo express version. Thank you. Gopinath
03-09-2022 01:56:28 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, The purpose of [data sources in Scheduler]( is to be used for configuring extraction section of jobs and to obtain values of different parameters for jobs with parameterized queries. That is, in case of jobs requiring values at runtime, based on the parameters defined in it's configuration. These data sources can also be used in the [Exporter section]( of jobs to export results from job execution. Also,the datasources created in VDP can be accessed for job definitions using [VDP Data Sources]( and used for queries to be executed with scheduler. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
05-09-2022 14:04:17 -0400
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