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Thales encryption product support

Dear denode team I am working at Thales for selling encryption product as below, its similar with Protegrity. .NET/JAVA/C SDKs REST API for enc/tokenization My customer is asking whether Thales product works at denode environment but Thales was not mentioned in your document. Please advise requirement to support denode platform for the same use case with Protegirty ? >Although this example uses Protegrity, other suppliers like Voltage or Cosmian provide similar functionality that can be leveraged in the same way. Regards Yasu Funaki
08-09-2022 03:51:39 -0400

1 Answer

Hello! As mentioned in the document to integrate third party tools with Denodo in this scenario, a Denodo custom function must be implemented. Denodo custom functions are implemented using Java so if the third party application has some kind of JAVA SDK or an API that can be used from Java it should be possible to make use of that from the custom function and implemente the desired functionality that comes from the external system. Once the custom function is implemented and deployed to a Denodo servers the developer will be able to use that function to create views using the functionality provided by the external tool. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-09-2022 04:38:50 -0400
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