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dynamically create derived views based on list of multiple base views

Is there a way to take a list of specifc base views (based on say a certain prefix and create a derived view with a similar name (dv versus bv, etc.) I have a list of like twenty base views and looking for way to generate the derived views automatically. i.e. bv_oracle_scm_direct_c_bo_addr --- creater derived view called dv_oracle_scm_direct_c_bo_addr and do loop through entire list.
15-11-2021 08:55:13 -0500

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Hi, I would create a CSV file (with headers) containing the list of base views and the new derived view names. Then I would create a Scheduler CSV data source on that CSV and create a new VDP job with the [extraction query]( like `CREATE VIEW @derived_view AS SELECT * FROM @base_view;` And pass the CSV data source in the data sources section to fill in the interpolation variables. You can read more about creating derived views from VQL in the [VQL Guide]( Though it's recommended to always create views using the Design Studio or [VDP Admin Tool]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-11-2021 16:50:51 -0500
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