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deleted view is still found in catalog search, causes errors in metadata scripts

Hi, a view was first created, and deleted some hours later. On recreating this view with the same name, this error pops up: > Error storing view 'VIEWNAME': Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects checking Catalog Search, we find the view. This view was created in a subfolder, but still, FOLDER indicates "/". If I click the viewname in the resultlist of Catalog Search, then an error pops up: > Could not load view "VIEWNAME". any idea about how we can clean this up?
03-05-2018 05:05:42 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, This error occurs when the user doesn’t have enough privileges. In Windows environment ensure to run the Denodo Platform with administrator privileges, you could do that by right clicking Denodo Platform > Run as administrator. For Linux enviornment, ensure that the user who performs the operations have a Read/Write privileges. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
03-05-2018 08:19:43 -0400
Hi, We always run Denodo Platform 6.0 with administrator privileges on our clients as from when we used Denodo here. It's not the first time we create and delete views in denodo. I wonder what went wrong in this case, can we check for errors in the denodo metadata? Can files/databases related to denodo metadata be corrupt? kind regards
04-05-2018 04:35:40 -0400
Hi, I fixed this error by: - create an export of the denodo database in VDP Server explorer - delete the denodo database - execute the export script to regenerate the database from now, I cant find that deleted view anymore using Catalog Search. Executing my custom scripts regarding denodo metadata will not throw any errors anymore. As this is still in the testing environment, deleting and restoring was possible, but does denodo have some tool to check for situations like this? where the Catalog Search can find a view wich was deleted previously?
04-05-2018 10:25:54 -0400
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