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Denodo Rest webservice throwing error while trying to access one of the base view

Hi Team, All the Rest webservices I created on my base or derived views are throwing below error.VDP server is also running fine one of webservice i am using "" It was created on one of the data source. Below is the error I am getting : "There was an error while generating this response: Connection error: Check the host name and port number are correct, and that client and server belong to the same Denodo major version. Connection timed out: no further information: /" Please help

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Hi, I think that you should check the connectivity to your Virtual DataPort server by running the ping script located in the `<DENODO_HOME>/bin/` directory. An example of how to use the ‘ping’ command in a network diagnostic context: `ping -t 30000 -v //<Host_Name>:<Port_Number>` When connecting to a remote server, certain configurations are required to enable remote connectivity. I suggest referring to the [Remote Connectivity Configuration]( knowledge base article to ensure all necessary changes have been made. You could also try replacing the hostname with the IP address of the Virtual DataPort server to verify if the connection between the client and server is established. For more information on checking the health of a connection, please refer to [How to Check If a Virtual DataPort Server]( user manual. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-03-2024 17:20:41 -0500
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