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deleting cached records

How do I physically remove invalidated cached records for a view ? While 'cache_invalidate' = 'true' clause making the logical deletion, what command performs the physical deletion at view level ? Arif Zaman
12-10-2014 00:55:25 -0400

2 Answers

Hi Arif, Denodo provides a Maintenance Task that deletes invalidate entries from cache. By default, it is launched every 21600 seconds (6 hours). You can disable or change the maintenance period at Administration/Server Configuration/Cache (see section 10.1.3 from the Virtual Port Administration Guide). Also, you can directly execute the following stored procedure from Tools/VQL Shell in order to force the launch of the Cache Maintenance task (see section 11.3.6 from Advanced VQL Guide): CALL CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE ('databaseName'); Hope this helps. PS: referenced guides can be accessed from:
Denodo Team
13-10-2014 06:32:20 -0400
Thank you for the answer. Am i right in thinking that in order to delete records from cache, the cached records must be invalidated first.
15-10-2014 13:18:34 -0400
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