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I have a list of several thousand part numbers in excel. Today, I have a manual process where I go to a website (some of the websites require login): 1) enter a single part number in a search box 2) Click the search button, which takes me to another page where I can see more details. 3) I manually type the details into excel. How can I perform this process manually with Denodo?
24-04-2018 06:53:34 -0400

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Hi, I’d recommend you to create a wrapper using Denodo ITPilot. I would use the ITPilot Wrapper Generation tool. Once I have my wrapper created, I’d create a Web data source based on that ITPilot Wrapper. For this, I’d suggest to create a new Web data source going to New → Data Source → WWW. A new tab opens where you can upload your VQL file. Have a look at [Web Sources (WWW)]( for a better understanding. After that, you can create a base view in VDP Administration Tool. Now you will be able to query that view using Denodo ODBC interface. I’d further recommend to check [Web Browsing Automation]( in the ITPilot guide and also this [link]( to our community Q&A for querying your view using Denodo ODBC. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-04-2018 09:53:43 -0400
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