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Syntax for Last Ten Years Using addyear from XtraFuncs

Hello, Here is my current condition: todate('MM/dd/yyyy', ITEM.datefiled) >= addyear(getday(), -10) I would like to modify this so that it will only bring back the last ten years from whatever date it is currently. Thank you
25-08-2015 15:03:22 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The getDay() function returns an int representing the day of the month. addYear() requires a Date class as its first parameter so getDay() is not the right choice here. Replacing it with the now() function should provide you with what you want. You'll be able to find more information about these functions in the 'Date Processing Functions' section of the ITPilot Generation Environment Guide. Hope that helps!
Denodo Team
26-08-2015 05:25:23 -0400
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