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S3-Athena connection

Hello Denodo Community, Please provide step by step connection/configuration procedure in getting data from AWS S3 Athena. Apologies for pressing a bit but this is needed urgently. Kindly revert back soonest for us to explore alternatives. Thank you.
13-06-2018 01:04:10 -0400

1 Answer

Hi I would connect to S3 by following the Knowledge Base article [How to integrate Amazon S3 with the Denodo Platform]( I have also found a similar query relating to AWS S3 Athena [here]( which gives an example of how to connect. If you are a Denodo customer and if you require more urgent help on this matter I can suggest opening a case in the [Denodo Support Site]( I hope that helps!
Denodo Team
13-06-2018 10:44:47 -0400
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