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Jenkins integration with GIT

With reference to the Q&A at below link - a) Is Jenkins is integrated with Denodo or GIT? As per instruction we have to configure by pointing to the VCS URL of the Virtual DataPort server. So its looks like Jenkins will export from denodo database, Right? b) As mentioned upon commit, build will get triggred. How the packaging is being done of vql,dependencies,properties files. everything is being extracted from git or export command will export it from the denodo database.Do we get the zip file in the end after the build is completed? Thanks
10-06-2021 12:30:03 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, For (a), I found some useful information below. Basically, Denodo can transfer Denodo objects to Git. If you want Jenkins to handle that, you can execute COMMIT and PUSH by using VCS-specific commands. You can use Jenkins or whatever automation tool to kick a batch or script to execute the commands below so then Denodo can push the local repository to the specified remote repository such as Git. [Statements to Work with GIT]( For (b), you may manually transfer a zip file to GIT if a zip is required(otherwise you can commit and push from Denodo). After executing the export script of Denodo with zip option, a zip file will be created. Then you can manually move that file to your repository, or push it by using generic Git commands. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-06-2021 06:28:32 -0400
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