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Bulk insert into Temporary or Materialized table

We are building custom procedure which would based on parameter create temporary or materialized table after applying filter, business logic on few tables. As we are using "environment.executeUpdate()" method to populate temporary\materialized table, it is taking longer time. Do we have batch insert method to populate millions of record in temp\materialized table? Something similar to executeBatch method of java.sql.PreparedStatement. Pls note that we have build complex logic to transform records hence we can not use "INSERT INTO <materialized table> <SELECT clause>" syntax.
09-09-2016 01:45:10 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I think executeBatch () method of Java might not be applicable here, you only have the methods "executeQuery" and "executeUpdate" available for the environment object. But you can do batch operations directly using VDP or Scheduler, so perhaps you prefer that option. I have found more information in the sections "DEVELOPING STORED PROCEDURES " for the VDP developer guide and in the "Importing JDBC Sources" of the "VDP Administration guide". Hope it helps.
Denodo Team
09-09-2016 09:46:34 -0400
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