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Stored Procedure- SP

I assume to do procedural programming in denodo we need to use Java. Is there any option to use Ansi SQL / PLSQL kind of Procedural langauage in denodo ?
05-06-2017 09:10:59 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The stored procedures in Denodo Platform are developed using Java and then imported into the Virtual DataPort Administration tool using the menu option "File" > "Jar management". You can use VQL Statements inside the Java program, but using only SQL and PL/SQL statements to create Stored Procedures is not currently supported by Denodo Platform. You can refer to the [Developing Stored Procedures]( section of the Virtual DataPort Developer Guide and also have a look at the sample stored procedures located in 'DENODO_HOME/samples/vdp/storedProcedures' to know more. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
06-06-2017 05:54:10 -0400
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